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Frequently Asked Questions

How many pieces would I get from a 3 tier wedding cake?

Obviously this depends on the sizes of the tiers, but as a guide, 6"  8" and 10"  round cakes would give approximately 150 pieces of fruit cake (you get slightly more from square or hexagonal cakes and slightly less from oval and petal shapes).  If you opt for sponge or chocolate cakes or a mixture of fruit and sponge, the number of portions would be reduced.  A sponge cake serves about half as many people as a fruit cake the same size, because you tend to serve bigger pieces of sponge cake.

Here are some more examples of sizes and portions of fruit cake - just halve for amount of sponge - 6" - 25  7" - 35  8" - 50  9"-  65   10" - 80  11" - 100  12" - 120.

How much do your wedding cakes cost?

The price depends on the size of the cakes and also the amount of decoration.  For a simply decorated cake, two tier prices start around 160, 3 tiers around 240, 4 tiers around 375 and 5 tiers around 420.  If you require a lot of decoration on the cake, or sugar flowers or hand-made figures for example, these would incur an extra charge. 

Please contact me for an estimate or a free consultation.

How much notice do you need?

This varies according to my workload.  The more notice you can give me the better, especially if your occasion is during the summer months. Fruit cakes need time to mature, at least 3 months.  Smaller cakes for birthdays etc. can often be ordered a couple of weeks before you need them.  I prefer at least 5 - 6 months notice for weddings, and many are ordered 12 - 18 months in advance of the big day,  but please always ask, as I do have spare fruit cakes, and have often been able to accommodate people who have been getting married with only a few weeks notice.

Can you deliver my wedding cake to my venue?

I can deliver and set up your cake, within a 40 mile radius, usually on the morning of your wedding.  There is an extra charge for this - from 10 up to 5 miles (please enquire for longer distances).

How much are individual wedding cakes?

Fairy cakes (muffin sized in gold or silver cases) range from 2.50 for plain iced cakes up to 5.50 for cakes with, for example, a hand made sugar rose or butterfly.  Fully iced 2" round or square cakes are from 10 each. An extra charge is payable for the stand hire.

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